Soft Tip Darts Vs Steel Tip Darts; What to Choose?

Whether you want to make the darts game your hobby or want to become a professional dart player, one of the significant factors you need to pay attention to is the type of darts you invest on. Most people assume that to play darts, all you need to do is throw thin projectiles towards the dartboards.

But the truth is; many variables affect how well you play the game. And one of those factors is deciding which one between a soft tip dart or steel tip dart best suits you. It's exciting how a game that seems relatively straightforward at face value requires you to make a lot of crucial decisions.

Deciding on the ideal dart tip can be a daunting task for the inexperienced player. That is because the tip you choose will broadly impact your playing style. With that in mind, in this article, we will discuss what the soft tip darts and steel tip darts have to offer. That will help you make the best decision based on your needs and preferences.


1.    Soft Tip Darts

The soft tip darts are a relatively modern addition to the dart games if you compare how far the steel tip darts have come over the years. But that's not to say that soft tip darts haven't gained a reasonable sum of popularity over the past years. Just like the name suggests, the soft tip darts are made of soft materials, plastic, to be more precise.

Although soft tip darts require extra care to serve you right, they are considered a safer and gentler option, especially for beginner and inexperienced dart players. The most significant selling point for soft tip darts is that they are compatible with the digital dartboards.

With the soft tip darts, you get to use an electronic dartboard that not only offers you a wide range of games but also keeps the score for you. The soft tip darts are ideal for home plays. And the fact that they have lower risk levels, they can be an excellent choice for youngsters. What's more, with the soft tip darts, there will be less damage to your walls and equipment around the home as compared to the steel tip darts.

Pros of Soft Tip Darts

  • They work best with the digital boards. One of the main reasons that will make you opt for the soft tip darts beside the apparent safety measures is the fact that they are compatible with digital electronic boards. Most people, in fact, enjoy the built-in computer that offers an automatic scoring system.
  • As we mentioned earlier, security is one of the primary reasons why people opt for the soft tip darts. When using soft tip darts, you are almost guaranteed that you won't cause unnecessary accidents.
  • Ideal for beginners. The fact that the soft tip darts are compatible with the electronic boards, they offer better learning opportunities for beginners. The electronic dartboard helps the players to perfect their throws and even learn how to count points according to the segments hit.
  • Relatively light in weight. As compared to the steel tip darts, soft tip darts are somewhat lighter in weight. Hence, soft tip darts can be easier to use for beginners as they will be able to aim and hit their targets with confidence.


Cons of the Soft Tip Darts

While soft tip darts might have immense pros, they have a few concerns.

  • Wear and tear. Soft tip darts are made of lighter materials such as plastic and nylon; hence they are more prone to wear, bending and breaking.
  • They lack accuracy. Soft tip darts are very light. Therefore, they tend to lack the accuracy and precision you would usually get with steel tip darts. Also, these darts can't keep up with the wind during freight. That means you can easily miss the target since the darts can be easily diverted from their initial trajectory.
  • Increased rate of bounce outs. The soft tip darts are also more prone to bounce outs. The fact that the darts are very light in weight, they have a hard time sticking on the dartboard. That can be annoying as it will be a hassle recording your scores.

2.    The Steel Tip Darts

Steel tip darts are the very original types of darts that have been available for the longest time in history. Steel tip darts have been deeply ingrained in most dart players around the world. To an extent, they find playing darts with a soft tip dart blasphemous. But of course, there is more to the steel darts than just the tradition.

Pros of Steel Tip Dart

  • The steel tip darts have higher durability as compared to the soft tip darts. Steel is essentially an alloy of carbon and iron. Therefore, you are assured of extra strength and longevity while using the steel tip darts.
  • Accurate Throws. The significant benefit of using steel tip darts is the level of accuracy and precision you will achieve in your throws. The steel tip darts are heavier than the soft tip counterparts. Professional players will attest that the heavier the dart, the more you are likely to achieve an accurate throw.
  • Low Bounce Outs. If you are fed up with the high rate of bounce-outs that comes with the steel tip darts, then you might consider the steel tip darts. Steel tip darts are not only heavy but also incredibly sharp. Therefore, the darts penetrate the dartboards with a higher level of precision. Therefore, there is a lower chance of the darts bouncing out.


Cons of Steel Tip Darts

  • For most beginner and inexperienced players, steel tip darts tend to be more cumbersome. Therefore, if you are playing darts for recreational purposes, you may consider switching them for the soft tip darts. But if you are a professional player, you might have to adjust to the weight of the steel tip darts.
  • Steel tip darts are sharp and are likely to cause accidents. Therefore, these darts can never be the ideal choice if you want to play with your kids. Also, the steel tip darts tend to damage walls and equipment they fall on.

Which is the Best Choice; Steel Tip Darts or Soft Tip Darts?

Well, the dart you choose will mostly depend on two factors; who you will be playing with and where. If you are playing at home with the kids, using the steel tip darts may be a considerable risk. Therefore, in such a case, the safer option is the soft tip darts.

However, if you are a traditional or a professional player, you will find more pleasure in the steel tip darts. Tournaments use steel tip darts, so, training using the steel tip darts will give you an edge and prepare you for competition.