How to Sharpen your darts

As a new player, you’ve obviously noticed that sometimes darts fall off even when you’ve pushed for a perfect throw. One of the primary reasons for that is most probably the dart was blunt. So, how do you sharpen your darts? Well, that’s essential information whether you are a professional or a beginner in the game. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a luxurious dart or a more affordable option. All types of darts require equal maintenance.

Thankfully, this article is in your best interest. That said, we are going to discuss the step-by-step procedure of how to sharpen your darts and also any other relevant information. So, let’s get started, shall we?

What happens when your darts are blunt?

When your darts are blunt, it will typically affect your gameplay. You will quickly notice that the darts fall off more often than usual. What’s more, the dull darts will, in turn, wear out the dartboard. That’s because, instead of pushing the fibers of the board apart, a blunt dart will push it all together. Therefore, your dartboard will likely wear out sooner than you expected.

Is it possible for your dart boards to be sharper than expected?

Unfortunately, yes! Your darts can be too sharp. So, in case you are wondering if your darts are sharper than what they need to be, run the dart tips through your fingers. If the dart tip feels as if it could pierce your skin, then that dart is too sharp.

Without a doubt, a sharp dart is as bad as a blunt one. That’s because a sharp dart can also bounce on the dartboard and potentially cause it to wear and tear. In addition to that, you run the risk of chipping the spider when the dartboard is hit.

How to sharpen your darts?

If you are a regular player of darts, then I’m sure you already know how important it is to take care of your equipment. And to that effect, you need to sharpen your dart tip to ensure you get the best performance from your tools. Much like playing darts, the sharpening of darts is a skill that you need to acquire. Unfortunately, sharpening your darts is a skill that can only be perfected through practice.

All in all, there are two significant ways of sharpening your darts; using a sharpener or sandpaper.

By using a dart sharpener

Dart sharpeners are tools designed to sharpen your darts. Such devices typically have a bowl shape. Using the dart sharpener, you will have to place the dart tips into the bowl and rub it to the side in a circular motion. Within a few minutes, the dart tip will reach your desired sharpness.

However, please don’t use too much force when rubbing your tips or even insert it too deeply. That’s because your tips could potentially break. What’s more, depending on the bluntness of your dart, you can adjust the time accordingly. If it’s too blunt, then the sharpening process will typically take up more time than when the dart is slightly dull.

In a normal situation, one round of 10 seconds is enough to get the desired sharpness. You can continue this process for around 5 minutes while testing the tip with your finger after every round. If the dart tip feels pointy and not blunt, then it’s good enough for the game. Most dart sets feature a sharpener.

By using a Sandpaper

Another effective way of sharpening your darts is by using sandpaper or any abrasive paper. To get started, you need to place the sandpaper on a flat surface. After that, you can roll the tips over the sandpaper severally until they are sharp enough to get you started on the game. Remember to stop after every round and check whether the dart tips are sharp enough or not.

What’s more, the speed of each round will typically affect the dart material. Brass tips are harder to cut down compared to tungsten materials. However, it would help if you didn’t sharpen the tips too often since it will affect your gameplay. What’s more, sharp dart tips will also affect your ranks.

How to prevent burrs in darts?

Typically, when your darts hit hard surfaces such as walls and floors, they will be blunt. Such deformities are known as burrs. Besides that, burrs are damaging not only to the darts but also to the dashboard. When you are pulling out a burr tip from the dashboard, it will act as a hook hence damaging the fiber.

With that in mind, you should always inspect your darts whenever they bounce off the dashboard and hit the floor. That’s if you don’t have the right dartboard backboard. To prevent burrs on the darts, always make sure you have a cushioning material below the dartboard, for instance, a dart mat. That will prevent the tips from getting into contact with hard surfaces such as the floor.

Avoiding over-sharpening of your darts

Without a doubt, there’s no specific measure as to how many times you should sharpen your darts. However, that doesn’t mean you should sharpen your darts daily, weekly, or after every use-no siree! Always check the sharpness or bluntness of your darts by using your fingertips and rubbing them against the dart tip. That should be your reminder on whether or not to sharpen your darts.

What’s more, you also need to sharpen your darts after every fall on the ground or even when they hit any hard surface. That’s because the impact will typically make the darts blunt. More importantly, new darts should be sharpened before use. They lose their grip and will bounce out more since they are polished; therefore, they also need a little sharpening.


Before you go

Well, there you have it! Easy-peasy, right? Sharpening darts is not as complicated as you thought. However, it will require a lot of practice to get it right. With practice, you will learn how to test for the bluntness or sharpness of your darts using your fingertips. That’s it for today, guys. Stick around more exciting topics on the same.